Planning a Funeral Service

A funeral is a time for grieving and a time for closure. Each funeral service should be unique and personal. A funeral or memorial service may be as varied as the individual that they represent and are most meaningful when they provide an understanding of that person's special life. A funeral can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Reflecting on special memories or events that had meaning to your loved one will also give meaning to the friends and family who attend the service.  Sharing memories with others can be as simple as playing a special song or telling a personal story. It may also involve displaying special photos or items from a favorite hobby.

Deciding how you would like to remember and honor your loved one is really a personal choice. With so many options available, you can customize a fitting tribute that reflects the life and passions of your loved one. Today, funeral and memorial services can be as varied as was the individual that they are planned to honor. That is why the staff at Woodlawn takes the time with each family we serve to get to know their loved one so that we can help plan a fitting tribute to someone who was so special in your life.  We offer a wide range of personalized services to suit your family's wishes and needs. You can count on us to be accommodating and to help you plan a personal tribute to your loved one. Our staff will carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this difficult time.

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