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From time to time, we receive requests from persons wishing to sell their cemetery property.  And, on occasion, we have requests from families asking us to assist them in locating available cemetery space.  In order to facilitate these requests we have added this page to our website to allow these parties, with mutual interests, to find one another and communicate.  Woodlawn Funeral Home does not take part in any potential transaction of buying or selling cemetery property and assumes no liability for same; however, in order to better serve our families we felt that this information would be helpful.

Persons wishing to list cemetery property on this page should contact us by email at woodlawnfuneral@outlook.com.  Place "cemetery property for sale" in the subject line.  Include all information concerning the property in the Email, along with: contact information for the property owner (this will be published to allow potential buyers to contact you) and property costs.  

Woodlawn Funeral Home reserves the rights to refuse any request for publication on this page or to remove any publication at anytime. Publication of property on this page does not guarantee that the property is still available for sale. Persons inquiring about the purchase of listed property should contact the property owner directly as Woodlawn Funeral Home does not participate in the business transaction.

Hillcrest Gardens Cemetery

Mount Holly, NC

*Chimes Tower D, Lot 6, Spaces 3 & 4; $3,995.00 for one space or $5,000.00 for both; Contact Christine: 704-685-1650.

*Chimes 1B, Lot 49, Spaces 3 & 4 or Lot 50, Space 1 on curb; sell for $2,000 each OBO, Contact Timothy: 256-996-8928.

*Cherry Section: Sell for $1,250.00 OBO. Contact Patti: 727-967-1339.

*Mausoleum of Serenity Tandem Crypt (119 & 120); Level 6. Sell for $6000.00 OBO.  Contact Kathy: kathylshockley@gmail.com or at 704-813-9795.

*Hillside I, Lot 3, Spaces 3 & 4. Sell for $2,500.00 each OBO. Contact Richard @ 704-827-9608 or reperkins@carolina.rr.com.

*Masonic II, Lot 101, (1 space); Sell for $1,500.00 OBO; Contact Gale @ 704-308-7219.

*Section 42, Spaces 34 & 35; Valued at 7000.00 selling price $3500.00 for both; Contact Robert @ 704-674-6295 or 704-674-4900 or hopperatt@hotmail.com.

*Chimes 1A, Spaces 3 & 4. Cannot divide spaces. $2,200.oo each. Contact Ron @ 678-521-6885.

*Chapel Mausoleum. 2 Patio Vaults. O/C, maintenance and deed transfer included. $9,000.00 cash for both. Contact Eric @ 704-965-3166.

Gaston Memorial Park

Gastonia, NC

*Mausoleum Crypts (2), #B 119&120; Value: $7,900 each; Sell for $6,500 each OBO; Contact Marie: 704-830-4054

*Chapel of Peace Mausoleum Crypts (2); Section 1D, Level 1, Crypts 1&2; O/C & Companion Plate included; sell for $12,000 for both; Contact David: 336-391-4208 

Forest Lawn Cemetery - West

Charlotte, NC

*Gardens of Christ, S-2, Lot 712, Spaces 1 & 2. $3,500.00 each OBO. Contact Richard @ 704-827-9608 or reperkins@carolina.rr.com.

*Meditation C, Lot 66, Spaces 1 & 2. Two underground crypts. Companion bronze with vase. $4,500.00. Contact Patricia @ 704-825-5306 or 980-285-0869.

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